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Livewell Annual Program

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

Take charge of your health and your life.


At LifeScience, we believe in health care that goes beyond curing disease. We bring the best of global healthcare practices to the Philippines—combining nutrition, advanced diagnostic testing, and proactive support to provide you with personalized, holistic care that brings you to your optimum health.

The LiveWell Care Program is 12 months of continuous proactive care and support, plus access to some of the most advanced medical diagnostic tools available in the country. We’ll help you get answers and address the root causes of your health condition through a sustainable health plan fit for your unique needs.

Your Livewell Journey


Building your
health bio


Consultation with LifeScience Care Team


diagnostic tests


12-month Health Plan


Health Coaching


Checkpoint Consultations


Be healthy and happy!


No more guesswork.
The journey to optimal health starts with understanding your condition. LifeScience utilizes advanced diagnostic testing to find real, definite answers—so we can provide effective, long-term solutions.

Holistic, preventive, personalized healthcare specifically for you.
Your health plans should be unique, just like you. We’ll look at how your body works as a whole: we examine your genetics, and assess various factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress, and your lifestyle and how they affect your well-being.

Spend on health and living well, not on expensive medical bills.
As we usher in a new era in healthcare, we look at the root cause of your health concerns to promote long-term health rather than providing band-aid solutions for short-term fixes. This approach called Functional Medicine will help you avoid spending your hard-earned income on diseases.

Do more, live more!
Don’t you want to spend more time with your loved ones rather than being stuck in a hospital bed? When you have optimal health, you have a better quality of life. You get to enjoy the moments that matter.

How is it better than your usual annual check-up?

This is not a one-time transaction, and you don’t just go when you’re sick. It’s an ongoing partnership with a dedicated Care Team for proactive care and support to achieve your best health.

What you get with LiveWell

Functional Medicine Consultations

▪1 Functional Medicine Consultation
▪ 6 Health Follow-up Consultations
▪18 Functional Nutrition Consultations

Advanced Functional Testing

• Body Composition Progress Tracker
• Brain, inflammation, detox markers
• Heart, cholesterol, inflammation markers
• Vascular health assessment
• Gut health
• Vitamin composition testing
• Food Intolerance Testing (FIT)

A conventional health program costs Php 90,000 annually* on average.

Avail the LiveWell Program for PHP 139,700 or as low as PHP 11,642 monthly.
*Including medical bills and maintenance medication

Invest in your family’s best health—not illness and endless medical bills—so you can spend your life on what truly matters.


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