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Your employees are your most valuable asset
and your best brand ambassadors.

How do you make sure they are at their healthiest?


12-month Care Program

At LifeScience, our LiveWell Corporate Program is much more than your usual annual check-up. Our Care Team of doctors, nutritionists, health managers, health coaches and fitness therapists are all trained in Functional Medicine. This approach allows us to combine nutrition, lifestyle, and advanced diagnostic testing to provide your company with a personalized Health Plan for each employee.

Your 12-month Health Plan is designed to provide you a pro-active health support system for your employees. Holistic and preventive, our tests go beyond identifying problems before it’s too late, thereby allowing your care team to help you optimize your employee’s health even before it falls apart.

Benefits of having a pro-active health support system for the whole team:

Lower the incidence of health issues

That will in turn decrease disruption of operations and delivery of output

Increase productivity & efficiency

Healthy employees are more effective and work efficiently. They have more energy and focus to produce quality work.

Increase employee satisfaction

A robust primary care support will help increase employee satisfaction that will in turn and lower employee turnover

With LiveWell, you’ll get more out of your annual check-up!

Conventional Annual Check-ups LiveWell
P90,000 average price Price P127,230
One-time transaction; Annual Check-up Program 12-month Health Management + Health and Wellness Activities for the company
Checking and testing for disease Laboratory Test Testing for overall health
Diagnostic Results Results Test Results and

Personalized Health Plan

1-3 Consultations

Less than 1 hour in total

Consultations 25 Functional Medicine Consultations with the whole Care Team

Over 25 hours in total

Depending on the condition of the patient, the ECU will test based on the organ related to the health issue.

Example: Elevated cholesterol – test for fatty liver

Test Coverage Tests for system imbalances and how to bring back optimal function of the brain, heart, gut, unique biochemistry, food reactions, fatty acids to name a few and is not dependent on just one symptom of the client


LiveWell Hospital 1 Hospital 2 Hospital 3
127,230.00 81,530.00 96,795.22 86,245.00


6-part Health Journey

▪Establish your Health Bio
▪Have your first Care Team Consultation
▪Finish all your Laboratory Tests
▪Receive your Personalized 12-month Health Plan
▪See your progress with your Health Coach and follow-up consultations
▪Accomplish your health goals!

Functional Medicine Consultations

▪1 Functional Medicine Consultation

▪ 6 Health Follow-up Consultations

▪18 Functional Nutrition Consultations

Advanced Functional Testing

▪Brain Health
▪Inflammation & Detox markers
▪Gut Health
▪Vitamin Composition Testing
▪Food Reactions
▪Vascular Health Assessment
▪Heart, Cholesterol, Inflammatory Markers
▪12 Body Composition Progress Trackers

We need healthcare like Functional Medicine that is personal to the patient, holistic, more than just pills, and honest.

– Jovan Puyo
Executive, LifeScience Client

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Terms of Use
Privacy Policy

Contact Us:

8th Floor, ACCRALAW Tower, 30th Street corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, 1634, Metro Manila

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