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Your very own genetic profile may hold the key to delaying your aging. Using advanced technology, LifeScience may have found the next best thing to the fountain of youth.

Almost everyone wants to stop ageing in its tracks. We may not have a fountain of youth to drink from, but we have science that can help us look younger and feel more energetic. Experts point to factors like stress, pollution, and unhealthy eating habits as some of the causes of ageing.

Preventive Wellness
Experts at the LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness espouse preventive medicine to improve a person’s health and well-being. Through its state-of-the-art wellness center, LifeScience uses advanced medical technologies and practices that could help correct deficiencies and prevent diseases even when the signs and symptoms do not manifest yet.

“The human body is a very complex system. If we liken it to an automobile, it would not perform well with improper maintenance, misses, and recklessness. It would not be far from a person’s state of wellness,” said Maria Victoria “Marv” Romero-Salas, Executive Director of LifeScience.

Genomics 101
The human body is made up of over 100 billion cells, and contained in each of these are our genes - technically a long stretch of DNA - a compound that essentially is the blueprint of what our bodies are made of. Genes do more than just determine the colour of our eyes, skin, or our height. Genes are at the centre of everything that makes us human. These control bodily functions and processes.

“The LifeScience approach makes it possible for clients to actually understand their bodies at a molecular level. Based on a person’s unique genetic make-up and cellular profile, we provide an evidence-based assessment for each individual’s well-being and customised health regimen.

LifeScience uses the latest technology in genomic studies which gives a glimpse of one’s genetic architecture - the first of its kind on the Philippines. The Premium Gene Test at LifeScience provides a detailed look at the body from a cellular level. It is completely pain-free. All it takes is a simple buckle swab in the mouth to collect cell samples. That simple test is so precise that a person can better understand what he or she is made of and what he or she is made of and what diseases they are most likely to get, empowering them to adopt preventive measures.

“We cannot change our genes, but with the help of a proper intervention and prevention programme, we can help you minimise or perhaps even completely avoid the various health risks that you may have inherited. Nutrigenomics, for example, allows us to work with our clients to eat in accordance to their genes while Pharmacogenomics guides doctors on proper dosages and administration of medicines. We get rid of the guesswork that is often caused by self-diagnosis and the loose means of understanding a person’s state of health.”

Practice science
With the precise and unique results, LifeScience experts can also provide tailor-fitted programmes that address a person’s unique deficiencies and health concerns. Each client goes through a primary consultation with a team comprised of a doctor, nutritionist, and physical trainer. The regimen for each client then varies, depending on a client’s state of health and lifestyle.

“We can initially customize meal plans according to the individual’s reaction to different kinds of food. We take into consideration deficiencies as reflected in their individual micronutrient profiles and hormonal tests and work with the person’s eating habits to correct the deficiencies. We also compound customised supplements, individually packed in morning and evening sachets for ease of compliance.”

The best defense is offence
Armed with the most comprehensive information about one’s body, shoring up defences before problems arise is truly an investment in a better quality of life.

It may not be the fountain of youth. But it is a long-term investment in health, beauty, and well-being.

Genetic analysis has taken strides in early prevention, reducing the risk of developing a disease.