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Substance addiction can range from severe (alcohol, illicit substances, and prescription drugs) to those less severe but harmful nonetheless (tobacco, sugar, and other food cravings). There are so many methods and ways to treat addiction, so how does functional medicine help with the process?

Functional medicine testing allows your practitioner to identify exact biochemical imbalances that are related to cravings, mood swings, sleep problems, and other compulsive behaviors. Once your doctors find the non-psychological root causes of your addictions, they can begin to support the psychological healing process by helping your body recover along with you. This is usually done through prescribing nutritional therapies that can be delivered supplementally, intravenously, or transdermally.

Functional medicine advocates a holistic approach to addiction recovery and looks at not only the neurological, but also hormonal and biochemical imbalances. Through this, we devise a holistic treatment program that combines elements from functional and nutritional programs. This has proven to be highly successful and, according to research done at the University of Miami School of Medicine, has achieved a 100% rate of patients completing non-pharmaceutical recovery programs versus 72% at traditional recovery programs.

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