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Functional Medicine may have been around for 25 years, but people are still catching up to what it’s all about. Here’s a basic overview of what to expect at your first Functional Medicine consultation.

Before you go to your first Functional Medicine Consultation, your Nurse Practitioner will send you a link to our online medical data management platform, Living Matrix. You must fill out the 3-part questionnaire as accurately and completely as possible. After you do so, your doctor will then take a few days to review your Functional Medicine Questionnaire and construct your health timeline.

Your initial consultation is very important as it is the first step to finding the root causes of your health concerns. It will take you around an hour and a half to two hours. Your first Functional Medicine Consultation includes the following:

  • Functional Medicine Analysis
  • Food Planning & Monitoring
  • Nutraceutical Protocol

The process of your first consultation follows our PRO System Approach, which is divided into three.

Prior to your visit, your doctor would have already studied and reviewed your thorough medical history which you would have already provided via Living Matrix. During your first consultation, your doctor would present to you a profile of what they’ve found after analyzing your medical history.

After presenting to you their analysis, they will then probe more into your medical history by asking you more specific questions. These questions will help your doctor have a better look into more than your medical history, but also your health and lifestyle choices. By doing this, your doctor will have a better idea on which tests you should take.

The final step to your consultation is the last part of our PRO System Approach which will take place during your follow up consultation. It is a visit that is as important as your first consultation as it is when our PRO System Approach comes to a full circle.

Once the result of your tests are available, your doctor will explain them to you. Based on the medical history you’ve provided, your conversation with your doctor, and your test results, your doctor will devise your customized health program, based on the exact needs of your body.
After these first two consultations, your other consultations will depend on your health concern and progress.

If you have any questions about your Initial Functional Medicine Consultation, feel free to call to 828-LIFE or e-mail us at and we’ll gladly answer your queries.


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