Previous Work

General Internist (private & hospital practice)

Training Institution

Med: UERM. Internal
Med residency: UP-PGH. IFM. HeartMath Institute. Center for Mind-Body Medicine. And lots of self-directed study


Board-certified internist & Fellow of the Phil. College of Physicians (FPCP). HeartMath Certified Trainer

Clinical Experience

Digestive health (GERD, gut dysbiosis/SIBO, leaky gut, IBS, etc.); cardiometabolic conditions (diabetes, hypertension); auto-immune conditions; stress & wellbeing; HeartMath training; mind-body medicine; emotional & mental health; (a little) bodywork

My most memorable patient / case and why

The one with depression who went from crying during consults to weathering the Covid lockdown quite well that her psychiatrist was impressed: memorable because her psychiatrist started recommending banana peel tea to other patients too

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

I enjoy practicing FM at LS because it allows me to be part of a whole care team that supports the patient on their journey towards their health goals.

Hobbies, Favorites

Hobbies: reading, playing with my daughter & husband; window shopping at hardware/houseware stores
Interests: the metaphysical; energy & vibrational healing; psychedelics
Favorite authors: Michael Pollan (non-fiction); Brandon Sanderson (fiction)
Favorite ulams: Tinola, Bulalo, and Adobong Pusit

Angelica Lorenzo, MD, FPCP

Functional Medicine Physician

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