Previous Work

Nurse/Phlebotomist at a medical clinic in Makati for 5 years

Training Institution

IFM, EMT-B at Lifeline, Phlebotomy at Heart Solution (EAC)


AFMCP (2019), EMT-B (2016), Phlebotomists (2014)

Clinical Experience


My most memorable patient / case and why

I have this client who came into LifeScience who’s been losing hope with his health condition. but with the help of LifeScience and his care team, he finally found the right path to achieve his goals. he was very happy that he recommended us to his friends, and even inspired him to make his hotel food healthy.

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

We get to help people who are in dire need of their health and giving/teaching a better quality of life. professional growth thru training and experiences.

Hobbies, Favorites

Singing, mobile games, swimming and hiking 🙂

Charlie A. Vasquez RN, EMT

Health Manager, Registered Nurse