Previous Work

Emergency Response Nurse

Training Institution

Registered Nurse with previous experience in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Graduated in Our Lady of Fatima University, Quezon City

Clinical Experience

I am most comfortable in Food sensitivities and Leaky gut.

My most memorable patient / case and why

My most memorable patient is a 28 years old Female who had a very severe skin issue. She has atopic dermatitis on her whole body, mostly on her face, neck and arms. She always wear jacket with hoody in public to cover her face. Her symptoms also caused her to be very anxious that lead her to leave her job because her anxiety and depression affects her work. It struck me most when I saw her determination and willingness to follow the recommendations. She isolated herself from the city, went on a 1 month beach detox in Cebu and avoid gadgets like phone, computers and TV (which most of us will find really hard these days). After 2-3 months of strictly following the diet, taking supplementations and isolation, she came back at the Center for a follow up consult wearing a simple shirt were her neck and arms are seen, showing her skin improvement. She is a good example that even if you are following the right diet and not managing other parts of the root cause, you will always get back from where you started.

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

I love my job in LifeScience because I am able to apply the Functional Medicine approach not only to myself but to my family.

Hobbies, Favorites

I love sweets ever since childhood and I am guilty from it. I love vegetables too! And I eat all kinds of it. I can’t eat a meal without vegetables. 🙂 During my hospital days on my past work, my go to drink is 2 packs of coffee. Now I love different types of hot tea. I do enjoy cooking at home and doing household chores. When I’m done with the chores, time to watch movies and series. 🙂

Danica Ana V. Ansay, RN

Health Manager, Registered Nurse