Previous Work

Dietary Supervisor

Training Institution

Manila Tytana Colleges


Board-certified Nutritionist-Dietitian, culinary arts graduate (part of a college degree)

Clinical Experience

Gestational diabetes, diabetes, and weight loss management

My most memorable patient / case and why

My most memorable patient was a jeepney driver who was referred to me for nutrition consultation because of type 2 diabetes. He always told me he always felt tired and was always dizzy, I just taught him what to eat, how he could time his meals, what he could do when he feels dizzy while working and other tips to improve his overall health through lifestyle modification, etc. Despite what I said to him was just simple tips he came back to me after a few months thanking me because the tips I gave him really helped him a lot and inspired him to change his lifestyle for the better.

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

What I love about my job here at LifeScience is that I am able to learn a lot of new things I’ve never focused too much about. Functional medicine/Functional nutrition has really opened a door and made me see that there is a lot more to add to what I presently know and it’s a challenge I would happily face.

Hobbies, Favorites

If I have time I do gigs at cafes or events but most of the time I’m just in my room recording, writing songs and also I love to cook and learn new dishes I could hopefully share with my patients.

Jason R. Villanueva, RND