Previous Work

I worked in a private tertiary hospital practicing clinical dietetics and in a private food manufacturing company focusing on quality assurance & applied foodscience.

Training Institution

Centro Escolar University – Manila, St Luke’s Medical Center, Institute for Functional Medicine


Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian

Clinical Experience

Food sensitivities, weight management, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, cardiometabolic conditions

My most memorable patient/ case and why

Though all cases are truly memorable to me since I get to know my patients and journey with them. I am truly amazed by those individuals who listen well and get hands on to empower themselves. I have seen patients who have financial difficulties yet strive to do better in their food & lifestyle and that just makes me want to connect and help them out more.

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

I love what I do at LifeScience because we are a collection of like-minded individuals with the same goal–to empower our patient’s to have control over their health. LSC & FM also empowers me as a nutritionist-dietitian professional at it has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, attitudes & values to understand and help my patients better and truly impacting how they eat and live.

Hobbies, Favorites

You would usually see me leisurely reading journal articles & books at home (insert nerd emoji here). I love to cook, discover new ingredients at pop-up farmer’s markets, and love to EAT! I also like to binge-watch series on Netflix and go out with my friends for coffee & karaoke! 😀

Joemarc Dela Cruz, RND

Nutritionist-Dietitian Supervisor