Previous Work

Derma Nurse, OR Nurse

Training Institution



Clinical Experience

Digestive health and hormones 😁

My most memorable patient / case and why

A couple who’s trying to conceive for so many years, finally got pregnant after doing treatments with Lifescience. Felt like I was the one who got pregnant. 😍💯

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

I can help not just my clients but also myself and my family. With Lifescience, I can really say that as a nurse, I can give my utmost care for my clients.

Hobbies, Favorites

On my rest days, I love watching Netflix series, k-dramas, eat out with my family. At least twice a year, I make sure to travel in and out of the country to unwind, with this, I feel more energized and ready to work my ass off again. 😉

Joyce Ann Mendoza-San Gabriel, RN

Health Manager Supervisor