Previous Work

Nutritionist-Dietitian for Business Teams Nutrition Management Systems (BTNMS) under Nestle

Training Institution

College: UST – BSND; IFM: AFMCP; Shaw Academy: Basic Sports Nutrition


Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian; AFMCP Certificate of Participation; other certs of participation but small webinars only; Diploma on Basic Sports Nutrition

Clinical Experience

Prenatal Nutrition; Food Sensitivities; Autoimmune Disease; Sports

My most memorable patient/ case and why

My grumpy, toxic patient with a negative relationship with food. During a consultation, her food intake seemed to be okay and only needed a few tweaks. We tried to find out why and find ways to address her relationship with food. The next session came and she was all smiles and everyone at the clinic saw the change in her aura when she entered. She now enjoys eating and has a positive relationship with food. From this moment on, I not only look at the quality of the client’s food but also how they feel when they eat because this could help their nutrition as well.

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

LifeScience allows you to access to functional tests and allows you to collaborate with great minds when discussing a client’s plan. It makes us see the client from different perspectives making it a sturdier plan in helping them reach their health goal. LS is also a place of learning. There are scientific training and also personality training that help develop our character. So that’s why I love LS, I learn different things and I get to help people.

Hobbies, Favorites

Hobbies: play games, hang with family and friends online, eating, dancing. Interests: eating and dancing, adobe apps like photoshop, premiere, audition. Favorites: food – chocolates, mushrooms

Paula Aida Luisa B. Asprec, RND