Previous Work

Wellness and Safety Occupational Doctor in the entertainment industry

Training Institution

Med school, De La Salle University- Health Sciences Institute
Institute for Functional Medicine
Exercise is Medicine Singapore


Diplomate, Philippine College of Occupational Medicine
Institute for Functional Medicine AFMCP and Advanced Practice Modules
Exercise is Medicine

Clinical Experience

Women’s Health, Digestive Health, Mental Health

My most memorable patient/ case and why

The most memorable patients are those whom you can see a sudden lit lightbulb in their heads when we tell back their story from our functional medicine perspective. This is a moment of insight because they’re making sense of it in a way we can’t. They’re the ones, too, who are (or become) proactive and make great strides in their health. For instance, I can’t forget this one woman who poured out her heart during the consultation. And with each member of the health care team she encountered, she would get emotional because she reached a clear understanding of why she was feeling the way she does. We were learning from her, too. We saw her grow into someone who looks forward to coming to the center for exercise or consultations. She transformed before us – she was stronger, healthier, happier.

Why I love my job at LifeScience practicing Functional Medicine

I love that everyone is into this culture of learning! It’s a light and fun environment where we walk the talk. I enjoy hearing the different perspectives of each member of the health care team. If I get mind blown by their point of view, I can only imagine what might be going through a patient’s mind when they hear from all of us. Most of all, I love that our patients look forward to seeing us and them getting better.

Hobbies, Favorites

I love wall/rock climbing because it’s ballet or chess on a vertical plane. I recently discovered barre3; I hate it and I love it. I’ve always been on the artsy side, and I’m currently playing around a lot with watercolor. I have an art group called M’arte, an outdoor group called SIGA (Special Interest Group on Adventure), and a movie group called Sine Gang. I’m married to a radio personality, and he got me into voice acting and making voice ads. When you call LifeScience, it’s my voice telling you which number to press. I enjoy experimenting with food, essential oils, work outs, and supplements (within reason and according to what I need for myself). I fondly tell my friends that it’s bordering on witchery.

Ava Angela V. Arugay-Magat, MD, DPCOM

Functional Medicine Physician

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