Facing Cancer Head-On

Finding out you have cancer is never easy. After the diagnosis, some patients fall into despair and experience anxiety. Others become overcome by anger. But not this lady.

Forty-five-year-old Jackie Caniza was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018. She was having a routine mammogram done for her executive checkup when they found out she had a mass in her right breast. Follow-up tests were requested and soon after, it was confirmed that she had Stage 2A Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

Jackie says she felt sad about the news, but it didn’t last long. “I immediately went into research mode,” she shares. “I had to find out everything I could about this.” Initially, she was still on the fence about doing chemotherapy since she wanted to pursue a holistic path to healing. But weeks later, she had a mastectomy where doctors found out that she had not Stage 2, but Stage 3 breast cancer. That’s when she decided to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The months following her treatment were long, but throughout the entire process, she remained positive. A life coach by profession, Jackie says she knew she had to practice what she preaches. She couldn’t wallow in self-pity, sorrow, and anger. She was determined to be proactive in her treatment so she channeled her energy toward her healing. Together with her friends and family, she even threw a chemo shower before she started her first chemotherapy session.

Almost a year after her diagnosis, Jackie is now in remission. “There are no indications of a recurrence of cancer,” she discloses. “ I’m grateful for all the prayers.”

How LifeScience helped her

When she found out she had cancer, Jackie was already certain she wanted to complement the traditional procedures with a holistic plan for her nutrition and supplements. That’s why she sought the help of LifeScience Center.

“I’m going to try and give myself the best odds possible—for my kids,” she explains. “When I saw the stats, I decided I will go through the treatments and at the same time, make sure my body was prepared for them. That’s why I decided to go to LifeScience.”

Her LifeScience Care Team decided to put her on targeted nutritional supplements and food plans. Since chemotherapy has side effects and toxins that can damage good cells, supplements and ample nutrition were necessary to facilitate detoxification. These also support mitochondrial function so the good cells can regulate and create energy, something that she needed while she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to support other vital functions of her body.

Jackie had to be extra vigilant about her food choices as she underwent her treatment. Aside from going on a detox diet even before her surgery, she also would send photos of her meals to a Viber group with her Care Team. This held her accountable for her diet and provided her with support when she needed to ask questions about her meals. “What I love about LifeScience is how they explain to me what’s going on in my body so I can make informed decisions,” Jackie relates.

Supportive therapies for traditional treatments

Most chronic diseases including cancer are a result of nutritional imbalances and other factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and toxin exposure that predispose people to develop the disease. Depending on the assessment of the team, LifeScience initiates a personalized nutrition program in conjunction with conventional therapies from the client’s existing doctors. The center also carries tests that look into genetic or hereditary risks for the disease.

On its own, the body is able to heal itself. What LifeScience does through its programs is to ensure that the body is given ample support to facilitate its healing by clearing all the roadblocks that can hinder it from naturally getting better. In Jackie’s case, LifeScience made sure that she was getting adequate and proper nutrition throughout her treatment. These were essential to prepare her body for the treatments and at the same time, help her recover after each phase of her chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Aside from Functional Medicine support, her nutritionist also worked closely with her. Through targeted nutrition, LifeScience is able to empower clients like her to be more resilient so that they can move forward to their best state of healing and well-being.

Follow Jackie and her cancer voyage on Instagram: @jaxcancervoyage. Want to know more about our health plans for cancer patients? Send us a message or call us at (+63) 917 573 5433.


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