Genomind: Innovating with Compassion for Mental Health

A product of the US-based precision health company Genomind, the Genomind Mental Health Map is the first-ever genetic test available directly to consumers that is designed specifically for mental wellness. It provides powerful new insights and actions through 7 in-depth reports analyzing mental health predispositions. Clients are also provided a free consultation to help them better understand their results. The test however does not give recommendations on which medication to take.

Using their expertise, Genomind curated hundreds of the world’s genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and candidate gene studies to provide the framework and content for the Mental Health Map™ and the 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities™. These are mood, eating behavior, social behavior, stress and anxiety, focus and memory, sleep, habits, and substance use. It analyzes 38 genetic variants and their influence on 29 mental health traits

Genomind believes in transparency which is why the evidence summary is openly available, as well as the scoring of gene-trait pairs.

Who is Genomind?

For more than a decade, Genomind has been a biotechnology and digital service company that aims to bring innovative solutions to treatment and medication management by combining advanced genomic science and precision technology.

The company has provided mental health genetic insights for over a quarter million patients, including countries like the Philippines. Genomind’s founders are world-renowned clinicians and scientists committed to compassionate care and psychiatric innovation. The company’s experts have first-hand experience with real-world mental health cases and have consulted with and educated tens of thousands of clinicians and patients.

What our customers have said

Here are some of Genomind Mental Health Map users’ testimonials. “What I learned from my report was invaluable,” according to Gina U. “I now feel I have the tools to improve my mental health and better understand ‘me.’”

Lauren M. on the other hand says that the test helped her overcome challenges. “The way that this process involves both genetic results and support on how to affect your given predispositions is truly amazing! It’s a unique, refreshing mix of research and compassion that I am grateful to have finally found. Results are provided in a way that emphasizes how you are just more than your DNA. This can help you gain the help to overcome obstacles you previously thought immovable.”

NBA player Kevin Love also shared his experience. “When I received my Mental Health Map results and reviewed them with a Genomind expert advisor, the first thing I noticed was the accuracy. It’s given me satisfaction knowing that I’ve been doing the right things for myself these past few years, but also provides an action plan to work on areas that need more attention.”

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