Functional Tests

LifeScience Comprehensive Allergy Test


Every form of allergy disrupts our lives. Whether it’s rhinitis, eczema, hives, asthma, diarrhea, food reactions, abdominal pain, or conjunctivitis, each type of allergy gets in the way of how we live. Imagine dealing with it as an adult. You get a flare-up almost frequently without knowing what’s causing it. You’ve eliminated every possible food item or allergen and yet, the allergy persists.

Food Intolerance Test

Although usually not life-threatening, the immune system’s intolerance of certain foods and substances may cause you to feel unwell, affecting your daily function and productivity and wreaking havoc on your overall health.

Basic Vitamin Level Test


See how fat-soluble vitamin levels can affect your health by knowing your nutrient deficiencies through our Basic Vitamins Level Test.

Gut Health 360


Our body’s systems are more interconnected than we think. A dysfunction in one system affects the other parts of the body. The gut is responsible for absorbing nutrients, not to mention communicating with the brain, regulating our hormones, and promoting our immune health. By taking care of your gut, you’re helping your whole body.

LifeScience Hormone Profile


What is a LifeScience Hormone Profile?

Hormonal imbalance can lead to a gamut of physical and mental health concerns. For many years, hormone therapy was approached with a “one size fits all” mindset. This, however, can be ineffective and may even be detrimental.

Organic Acids Test


Our Organic Acids Test offers in-depth biomarker testing to help you understand what’s driving your chronic health issues and guide you to make informed decisions about your health.

The Genomind® Mental Health Map™


Have you ever wondered why you are snacking too much? Do you also find yourself having difficulty sleeping at night? Do you get easily distracted at home?

These may be signs of how your mental health may be doing.

The Genomind Mental Health Map tests for specific genetic variants that have been shown to influence the 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities include mood, eating behavior, social behavior, stress and anxiety, focus and memory, sleep, habits, and substance use.

  • Analyzes 38 genetic variants and their influence on 29 mental health traits
  • Produces seven in-depth interactive reports that identify your predispositions
  • Gives genetically-based recommendations and resources for you