Food Sensitivity Test

What is Food Sensitivity?

Do you feel bloated after meals, tired or foggy at certain times of the day, or get random headaches or migraines for no apparent reason? These might be symptoms of food sensitivity.

Although usually not life-threatening, the immune system’s intolerance of certain foods and substances may cause you to feel unwell, affecting your daily function and productivity and wreaking havoc on your overall health.

Knowing your intolerances through our Food Sensitivity Test can help you better understand your body and make necessary adjustments to your diet in order to regain normalcy and achieve optimal health.

When should you get Food Sensitivity Test?

Unlike allergies, food sensitivities are usually not immediate, so it is harder to trace what you might have eaten that’s causing your body to react negatively. Food sensitivity can lead to a lot of unpleasant long-term effects and deprive your body of proper nutrition, leading to more serious health issues.


  • Feeling bloated, especially after meals
  • Chronic digestive problems, stomach pain, or diarrhea
  • Tiredness or fatigue at certain times of the day
  • Headaches or chronic migraines for no apparent reason
  • Lethargy and lack of energy
  • “Brain fog” or inability to focus
  • Chronic skin problems
  • Difficulty in losing weight

How it Works

Step 1

Take a simple blood test (no special preparations or fasting needed)

Step 2

Blood test is sent to the lab

Step 3

Get results after 14 working days

Step 4

Result interpretation and nutritional counseling with a Nutritionist-Dietitian

Step 5

Elimination diet and food reintroduction

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LifeScience Food Sensitivity Test

LifeScience is the first health and wellness facility in the country to successfully use the Food Sensitivity Test as a tool in guiding the health of our clients. Developed by the Omega Health & Nutrition, the Food Sensitivity Test is a state-of-the-art immunoassay based on microarray technology to detect food-specific IgG antibodies.

LifeScience Food Sensitivity Test Inclusions

Home service extraction can be done for a P750 service fee.

In Summary

Food Sensitivity

  • Can cause signs and symptoms that are not life-threatening but can wreak havoc to your health in the long run if you always consume the food item you’re sensitive to
  • Symptoms come out days after eating the food item that’s why it’s hard to pinpoint which triggered your symptoms

Food Allergies

  • Causes life-threatening symptoms such as swelling, itchiness, rashes, and more
  • Symptoms come out immediately

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