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Genetic Test

Genetic tests analyze our genes and look for changes in them that may hinder us from being our healthiest selves. These changes are called mutations and are inherited from our parents, which we then pass on to our offspring.

Tests like these identify these genetic alterations because these can manifest the disease and therefore can be helpful in confirming the diagnosis. This can also influence and personalize the type of medical treatments you or your family may receive

Why should I take it?

You can take gene tests so that you can:

  • Learn your risk for a certain disease, particularly one that runs in your family (like cancer, diabetes) and what to do before you have symptoms
  • Find out if you, your child, or any other family member has a genetic condition
  • Know what you can do to lower your risk of having it, preventing a disease, or managing it if you already have the disease

Whether it yields positive or negative results, genetic tests are helpful. If you receive a negative result, it can provide relief, stop needless worrying, and help you be more proactive in managing your health. In some cases, it also eliminates the need for other unnecessary tests.

On the other hand, having a positive result can help you prevent the development of disease and monitor your well-being. It may also help you and your medical team focus on personalized treatment plans and medications that can optimize your health. For newborns, it identifies genetic disorders early on. This helps ensure that the child can get treatment as early as possible.

Our Gene Panels

We cover everything from lifestyle and nutritional to diagnostic gene analyses.

Our Gene Panel Section

DNA Health Prevention Tests

Whether it’s for disease prevention, early detection, or treatment, our gene tests can help you.

How to take a Gene Test

Step 1

Your physician will prescribe the gene test. For other gene tests, your LifeScience doctor will request the gene test.

Step 2

Book an extraction/swab. This can be done via home service too.

Step 3

Your sample will then be shipped to our partner laboratory in Austria for gene mapping.

Step 4

After a few weeks, you’ll get your Gene Book. Your doctor will interpret the results.

Step 5

Get a basic personalized health plan following your gene test results.

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Complement your plan with our LiveWell Program

Now that you have a gene manual that has everything you need to know about your body’s unique genetic code, get a personalized annual program.

With LiveWell, we’ll identify areas of your health you need to work on so we can come up with a health plan that’s personalized and made sustainable just for you. We will guide you every step of the way in your journey so you can achieve your health goals!