Health Coach Program

What is a Health Coach?

Our Health Coaches support, motivate and empower LifeScience clients to make specific and sustainable changes in their nutrition, stress reduction, sleep optimization, physical movement and cultivate meaningful relationships that can have the most positive outcome on your well being.

Health Coach Packages

Why should I book this?

With so much health information available now, it often leads to confusion and more questions about your personal health. The result? You feeling overwhelmed. Most of the time, you already know enough and what you really need is help or guidance in creating your own action plan, starting with it and keep you accountable to sticking with it.

Who is this for?

  • For people who are looking into making positive changes in their health and well being.
  • For people who are confused about where and how to start on their health journey.
  • If you are having trouble sticking to your healthy habits.
  • If you want to prevent a chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune, etc.
  • If you are suffering from a specific health condition, health coaching is effective in improving your outcomes and quality of life.

What are the benefits of having a Health Coach?

They will be your accountability partner and cheerleader to motivate you and help you overcome obstacles in following your health plan.

They will guide you and keep you on track so you can keep your eye on your health goal/s and get there successfully.

They will help you understand health and wellness concepts, processes, and tools you’ll need in your journey.

What makes our Health Coaches different from other Health Coaches?

LifeScience Health Coach

One full year of comprehensive training under the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. LifeScience Health Coaches have a solid understanding of the foundation of functional medicine and are trained to utilize many IFM resources, such as timeline, matrix, and food plans.

This background allows our Health Coaches to understand and support our clients to implement functional medicine treatment plans into their lifestyle.

LifeScience Health Coaches move beyond the diagnosis-prescription model to co-create and execute a plan with our client that inspires him/her to a path of better health.

Under the delegation of the treating practitioner, our Health Coaches may be able to provide further assistance related to labs and supplements.

Our Health Coaches are part of a collaborative care team. With your Functional Medicine Doctor and Nutritionist-Dietitian’s recommendation, your Health Coaches are your accountability partner on how to successfully implement those recommendations in your daily life.

Other Health Coach

Trained in other approaches: Integrative Nutrition, Primal, etc.