Back to Best Health Program

Global healthcare standard. Local warmth and care.

LifeScience is making the Functional Medicine standard of care available to you and your family through the Back to Best Health Program so that you won’t have to fly out of the country just to manage your chronic condition.

Get your best health back, and start living your best life.

We all know someone who is constantly in and out of the hospital, consulting with different doctors, taking several medications that only address the symptoms – and yet still has no idea what the root cause of their chronic condition is, nor a cure in sight. This person might even be you.

With our Back to Best Health Program, our Care Team will assist you throughout the program and guide you on your recovery. We will apply our Standard of Care Plus approach to get to the root cause of your condition, so that you can start living your best life.


Chronic diseases such as diabetes, PCOS, hormonal, and even cardiovascular ailments don’t always run in the family?

What is actually passed down from generation to generation is one’s lifestyle coupled with environmental factors– which then brings about and causes the disease to take place.

In fact, your genes only account for 10% of your health, while your lifestyle determines 90% of your overall wellness.


Other health programs are rigid and unable to give you the flexibility you need in order to treat the symptoms that you want to go away. The Back to Best Health Program is your proactive health partner in finding solutions that will provide you with holistic healing and prevention.

LifeScience Care Team

Your own Care Team, fully accessible to you


Booking priority for consults


Complimentary home service for your first diagnostic test


5% discount on all supplement orders, plus complimentary delivery on your first order


Fully customizable personalized program that allows you, in partnership with your doctor, to plot your health journey according to your budget. Your subscription wallet is fully consummable and convertible to all of our products and services, including supplements


There’s a 6-month waiting time in Cleveland Clinic to get a consultation with a Functional Medicine doctor?

The Back to Best Health will give you access to a full Care Team all trained in Functional Medicine.


Our commitment is to help you live a healthier and better life. With the Back to Best Health Program, our Care Team will be with you every step of the way to help you find answers to your most pressing health questions and provide you long-term solutions towards your best health.

Constant Care Team support to monitor and help you with your progress
Accessibility to answers when it comes to your health
Access to community benefits such as suppliers, events, accountability groups, partner brands, latest scientific research about health
Real, long-term results that will give you quality of life
Know how you can reverse the symptoms of your chronic illnesses