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Hormone Test - Featured Image

What is a hormones test?

Hormonal imbalance can lead to a gamut of physical and mental health concerns. For many years, hormone therapy was approached with a “one size fits all” mindset. This, however, can be ineffective and may even be detrimental.

LifeScience Hormone Profile

Unlike other hormone tests, we are using a saliva sample. Not only is it the most convenient and least invasive manner to measure patients’ hormone status, but it is also the most accurate. It measures the body’s free hormone levels (or those delivered to the tissue receptors) because they indicate the active hormone levels within the body.

This test detects testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, and thyroid levels. All these will provide crucial information about deficiencies, excesses, and daily patterns, which then result in a specifically tailored treatment approach and one far more beneficial than the old shotgun approach in dealing with your health issues.

Hormone Test - Personalized Treatments

Personalized treatments for long-term results.

Your hormonal imbalance will always be different from another person’s. You’re unique, so should your treatment be, and for your doctor to come up with a personalized health plan, she’ll need answers that only a hormones test can help identify.

LifeScience Center’s Functional Medicine care team helped me understand why this is happening to my health and gave me answers as to how I can reverse the symptoms without the pills.

Charlene Tan
LifeScience Member

LifeScience approach to treating hormonal imbalances

Each person experiences hormonal imbalance in different ways. To effectively restore ‘harmony’ in your hormone network, it’s important to understand the causes of the imbalance. That’s where the Functional Medicine approach comes in.

Beyond just pills

Instead of simply prescribing additional hormones if you’re deficient, or medicines if you have symptoms, we look at the root cause of your condition. Because proper nutrition is important for producing and metabolizing our hormones, a comprehensive nutrition assessment is usually one of the first things recommended. Certain nutrient deficiencies can help explain why there may be lower or higher amounts of certain hormones.

Holistic as it should be

At LifeScience, our Functional Medicine doctors will look at your overall health, not just your hormones. They will determine why your hormones are going haywire and find out the trigger points. They will look at how your work, food, sleep, movement, and stress affect your hormones.

These precision tests, used together with the Functional Medicine approach, will help your doctor sift through all the complexities of hormone dysfunction. A consult with our Care Team will be able to help you understand how you can manage your cortisol, when you need to schedule your exercise, what to eat, when to sleep, and more, to lessen the triggers of hormonal imbalances.

The complex network of hormones

When it comes to hormonal health, testing is necessary to assess the stress response. This is paramount since this plays a huge role in how the rest of your hormone systems function. Your cortisol, thyroid, and sex hormones are all connected! Additionally, we can check how well you flush out the excess hormones which may be contributing to the imbalance. Luckily, our IFM-trained doctors understand how to navigate around the world of hormones using more modern tests and knowledge in a holistic approach to health.

Who should take it?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of hormonal imbalance and would like to take a deeper dive into what’s happening, you may want to consider this test:

  • Those who are experiencing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS
  • Men and women concerned with changing hormone levels due to age
  • Cycling women experiencing PMS symptoms
  • Peri- and post-menopausal women who are considering hormone replacement therapy
  • Those who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy and want to monitor their hormone levels and regulate their supplements levels
  • Those with symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, stress, immune health concerns, blood sugar problems, and inability to lose weight
  • Those who have hormonal imbalance like estrogen dominance or adrenal insufficiency

With aging comes the different changes in our hormonal makeup and possibly some imbalances. As a proactive step in taking care of your health, you should also consider having a baseline test to maintain physical and mental health

How to take the Comprehensive Hormone Profile

Step 1

Book an Online Health Management Consult.

Step 2

After your consult, LifeScience will send a test kit to your house. It will contain detailed instructions on how you can collect the specimens needed for the test.

Step 3

Please do not eat or drink an hour before you collect the sample. You need to get a sample of your saliva four times a day: before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

Step 4

LifeScience will pick up your specimens and send them to our partner lab in the US for processing.

Step 5

Your results will be ready in a few weeks. We will inform you once it’s available so our doctor can walk you through the results.

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