Take concrete action for your mental health this pandemic

Do you find yourself snacking more especially now that you’re working from home during the pandemic? Do you also find yourself having difficulty sleeping at night, and having disturbing dreams at night? These may be signs of how your mental health may be doing.

According to the study, “The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 in the Philippines,” from The Journal of Affected Disorders, during the early phase of the pandemic in the country, one-fourth of respondents reported moderate-to-severe anxiety and one-sixth reported moderate-to-severe depression and psychological impact.1

Dr. Francisco Duque, Department of Health Secretary, has also stated how important it is to take care of one’s mental health especially during these times.2 “The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked overwhelming reactions and emotions from people. Many have had their livelihoods affected, others are worried about keeping their families safe. There are many reasons why we need to take extra care now when it comes to mental health,” said Duque. “We hope that by raising more awareness on the urgency of this issue, we can inspire more commitment towards helping those in need.”

Tests such as Genomind® Mental Health Map can help many of us who have issues that may be related to our mental health, including our everyday habits like sleeping and eating. The test will assess us through our genes, which can tell us if we have mental health predispositions. It can help us understand ourselves better and to take action, based on recommendations. To know more about the test, you may contact us directly and we’ll gladly assist you.


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